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Kawai K15 Upright Piano

Upright Pianos

The K-15 provides an excellent introduction to Kawai upright piano quality. Featuring a solid spruce soundboard and the highly-regarded Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action with ABS Styran parts, this continental-style instrument produces a rich, clear tone with performance qualities that rival much larger upright pianos.

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At the beginning stages of piano study, a student may not need a grand piano. A smaller upright piano could provide a good start and serve as a stepping stone to a larger instrument. But, in order to assure a positive piano experience during the all-important early stages of learning, a student must have a good-sounding, reliable instrument — one that will not only respond with pleasing tone but also with consistent touch that enables expressiveness and musicality to develop in an aspiring player. It has everything a developing pianist needs to grow as a musician. Its Ultra-Responsive Action with exclusive composite parts will provide the level of consistency and quality that pianists have come to expect from Kawai instruments. The Kawai K-15 will provide a great start on the road toward musical success and enjoyment.

Size: 43.3”H x 58.6” W x 23.2” D

Color: Ebony Polish

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